Bring your plants to the next level GROW WITH PLANTIMATTER

Easy to use

Our products are soluble and compatible with hard and soft water. Our minerals are thoroughly refined to minimize clogging of the irrigation systems.

Trusted by Professional Growers

Our scientists are also growers too. That is why our products are designed with a clear understanding of what our customers expect.

Hightech Formulas

We take both plants and science to the extreme! That is why we apply modern technological advancements to all of our products.

Maximizing Yield & Quality

Only good enough to us is being better than everyone else. Ensuring our customers achieve beyond yield and quality is our commitment!

Available Near You

Our products are currently available in North America, EU and Australia. We are continuing to expand our presence in other regions worldwide.

Quality Over Quantity

Your health is important to us. We only use the best quality ingredients in all of our products to ensure that your plants are also producing the purest quality.

How Our Products Will Make a Difference To Your Yield?

PlantiMatter was established as our plants and science division dedicated to taking on a challenge to produce the best quality formula beyond what is currently available. With our primary experience in the fields of pharmaceutical and botanics we have applied this knowledge in the development of our products.

Trusted Worldwide

Our products are trusted by hydroponics companies worldwide in 3 major regions of the world and growing. We dedicate our growth to our customers, partners and our commitment to continue producing modern agricultural and botanic advancements for our industry and our planet.