Meanest & Cleanest Harvest

Meanest & Cleanest Harvest

by in Flushing Agent, Our Products August 12, 2021

Do you often experience poor taste from the yields of your plants? Do your seeds have difficulty to grow after being replanted? Yes?, Ruining mineral salts have been accumulated in abundance, That’s why Sterile™ is here to flush all impurities and give you that desired taste and potency.

To get the desired Beauty of every artwork, finishing touches are mandatory, so is the case with ripen plants, or even strains, flowers, and vegetables too; which are due for harvest. Bearing the fruits of relentless labor, excessive mineral salts which are potentially able to cause ruin to your plants are stored within the plant, which in turn leads to flamboyant good looks of your strains, flower or vegetable, but with potentially poor taste.

These accumulated mineral salts are responsible for; poor taste, impotency, and poor smell; in terms of flowers, which isn’t a good result for your excessive labor, However, Sterile™ has been formulated to remedy these problems. Sterile™ is a finisher that flushes most of the impurity from the roots and remaining mineral salt content that is trapped inside your plant, purifying the organic plant content, resulting in exceptional taste, increase in potency, and true natural smell of the flower contents. Sterile™ can also be used as a routine flushing agent for excess salt in your plant growth cycle.

Benefits of using Sterile

There are several benefits of using Sterile on your plants. However, we have listed three (3) out of them in the segment below.

  • Exceptional Taste.

Sterile™ is aimed at flushing mineral salts and impurities from the root, and insides of the plant which could lead to potentially poor taste, and gives you that exceptional taste you desire.

  • Increase in potency

There are times when we need to replant already harvested seedlings, but germination fails to occur. Sterile™ flushes the excess mineral salts which cause impotency, thereby leading to an increase in potency of the plants’ proceeds.

  • No side effects on plants

Sterile™ has no side-effects on plants or other living organisms around, unlike most other flushers, which tend to kill the plant in turn. Sterile™ adds to the overall quality of your strains, vegetables, and flowers.


Apply 2 mL per Litre of water for all other weeks of vegetative growth and all of flowering cycle.

FOR OPTIMAL RESULTS: Apply full concentration of Sterile™ (2 mL per Litre) at least once a week with only water for both vegetative growth and flowering cycle.