Dominate & Create Mega Root Structures

Dominate & Create Mega Root Structures

by in Microbial Inoculants, Our Products August 12, 2021

Aren’t you bothered by the pale look of your strains, vegetables, and flowers? Poor fruit production or small bud size, and overall low yield of your garden plants? Have you tried to remedy these, with little or no positive results?  Well, the poor root structure is behind all these, that’s why MyColonize™ is here to dominate and create mega root structures for your plants.

It occurs some of the time that the overall development of your plants, the net yield, bud size, fruit production, and growth of your garden plants, strains, flowers and vegetables would be on a very low guage, despite adequate provision of plant nutrients and sunlight. These problems can be attributed to poor root structure, the root being the heart of any plant is accountable to the general development and performance of each plant.

Naturally, plants grow a lot of roots, but due to natural conditions and environment, some roots won’t outgrow the potting container, leaving large hollow gaps throughout the medium, which results in waste of nutrients and  potential root rot due to pathogen build up on theses gaps.

However, MyColonize™ is the answer to all of these problems, quality spores, mycorrhizae, and bacillus are introduced by MyColonize™ which spreads evenly through the hollow gaps and are attached to the plants’ root system, thereby delivering the once inaccessible nutrients to the plants, and so resulting to complete uptake of plant nutrients.

Benefits of Using MyColonize™ on Your Plants

There are several benefits of using MyColonize™ on your plants. However, we have listed five (5) out of them in the segment below.

  • Boosted Root structuring.

MyColonize™ is a microbial and fungi base product packed with microbes like the mycorrhizae designed for boosting root structuring. Its formula consists of essential macronutrients that help in developing your plant’s root systems, and fortify them.

  • Greater Yields

When you use MyColonize™ on your strains, flowers, and vegetables. It develops its root’s connection systems, allowing it to absorb nutrients and water easily. When your plants get enough nutrients, you tend to experience bountiful harvests and bigger crops.

  • Simple to Use

One great feature of using MyColonize™ on your strains and flowers is that it is easy to use. Just follow the steps listed on the product, and you are good to go! We will also help you by including a short direction of its usage in the next segment.

  • No side-effects on Plants

Various studies have shown that MyColonize™ has ZERO side-effects on plants or other living organisms around.

  • Production of new and Resistant Species of Plants

Directions for Usage

Apply 1 mL per Litre of water for cutting and seedlings. Do the same for other weeks of vegetative growth until 2nd week of the flowering cycle. However, for optimal results, apply a full concentration of MyColonize™ combined with a recommended concentration of Quantum Part A & B together for both vegetative growth and flowering cycle. Ensure you check EC & PPM to maintain a safe concentration level.

ADDITIONAL NOTE: Maintain growth and expansion of MyColonize™ with regular and recommended feeding ratio of Sugar Rush™.