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Meanest & Cleanest Harvest

by in Flushing Agent, Our Products August 12, 2021

Do you often experience poor taste from the yields of your plants? Do your seeds have difficulty to grow after being replanted? Yes?, Ruining mineral salts have been accumulated in abundance, That’s why Sterile™ is here to flush all impurities and give you that desired taste and potency. To get the desired Beauty of every […]

Dominate & Create Mega Root Structures

by in Microbial Inoculants, Our Products August 12, 2021

Aren’t you bothered by the pale look of your strains, vegetables, and flowers? Poor fruit production or small bud size, and overall low yield of your garden plants? Have you tried to remedy these, with little or no positive results?  Well, the poor root structure is behind all these, that’s why MyColonize™ is here to […]

Bulk up and Protect

by in Our Products, Plant Hardener, Supplements & Additives August 12, 2021

Have you ever experienced declining growth in your plants? Do you think your plant’s declining growth is soil-related? Have you tried out some products that can improve your soil? Do you think that your soil can be improved? Are you satisfied with the results? Well, if your answers aren’t certain, then ExoSilica™ is the right […]

Over Frost
Amplify Resin and Trike Formations

by in Our Products, Terpene Booster August 12, 2021

There are many nutrients required for adequate plant growth and development, including Resins and Terpene. However, when these nutrients are in short supply to plants, they cause severe deficiencies in your strains, vegetables, or flowers. With Over Frost™, you can reduce the issues caused by nutrient deficiencies and also improve plant growth. When you consider […]

Sugar Rush
Extreme Flower & Microbe Development

by in Complex Carbohydrates, Our Products August 12, 2021

Flowers are an essential part of a plant. If you plan on growing vegetables or strains like cannabis and hemp, you should already know their importance. With Sugar Rush™, your strains, and vegetables are provided with the necessary nutrients for improved growth and flower development. You can always count on Sugar Rush™ for the best […]

Quantum Bloom A & B
Complete Formula for Ultimate Flower Power

by in Base Nutrients, Bloom, Our Products August 12, 2021

With Quantum Bloom™, your strains can now bud beautiful flowers while yielding more fruit. When you use Quantum Bloom A & B, you are assured of the best results within the stipulated time frame. No more crying over low productivity and dead plants. You can now enjoy the benefits of your farm. There are times […]

Quantum Grow A & B
Complete Formula for Vigorous Growth

by in Base Nutrients, Grow, Our Products August 12, 2021

Are your strains doing well in terms of production? Do your strains weaken or die after the output of your first produce? Do you plan on changing that? Then Quantum Grow™ is the right way to go. With Quantum Grow™, your strains, vegetables, and flowers are provided with the necessary nutrients for vigorous growth. There […]

Atomic Bloom
Mega Booster for Bigger & Fuller Flowers

by in Bloom Stimulant, Our Products, Supplements & Additives August 12, 2021

During certain weather conditions and seasons, some plants may experience low growth and productivity. Aside from the weather, there are also other factors affecting a plant’s growth during its life cycle. Atomic Bloom™ is a growth-based product with a complete formula for developing your strains and boosting flower production. With Atomic Bloom™, your strains, vegetables, […]

Bud Golem
Harder & Denser Flowers Every Time

by in Bud Hardener, Our Products, Supplements & Additives August 12, 2021

Sometimes, it can be challenging for your strains to grow flowers resistant to strong winds. However, with the aid of Bud Golem™, you can have harder and denser flowers on each of your strains. Bud Golem™ is a power-packed mixture containing the necessary nutrients for your strains, vegetables, and flower development.  Getting your plants to […]

Root Bound
Power Up for Explosive Roots Growth

by in Our Products, Root Stimulamt, Supplements & Additives August 12, 2021

Have you ever wondered why your plants couldn’t produce much fruit? Have you considered different options for improving productivity but to no avail? Ever thought of increasing your strain’s productivity? Have you ever wanted bigger and more absorbent roots for each of your plants? Well! If you answered yes! To all these questions, then you […]