Bulk up and Protect

Bulk up and Protect

by in Our Products, Plant Hardener, Supplements & Additives August 12, 2021

Have you ever experienced declining growth in your plants? Do you think your plant’s declining growth is soil-related? Have you tried out some products that can improve your soil? Do you think that your soil can be improved? Are you satisfied with the results? Well, if your answers aren’t certain, then ExoSilica™ is the right solution for you. 

There are several factors that plants require for a better and improved growth. Most of these requirements include good weather, sunshine, water, and great soil. If these requirements are not met, your vegetables, or strains will be subject to withering, low productivity, and death. However, all these factors need to be treated with equal relevance to avoid killing the plant.

For instance, when you have too much good soil, but a poor watering system, and sunlight delivery, your plant will fail to grow. In simpler words, favoring one factor over the other tends to kill the plant. So! A proper method of raising your plant without killing it, or experiencing low productivity is to provide all these factors in equal and adequate units or amounts.

Now, focusing on the soil properties, you would notice that all plants need good soil to survive. If the specified soil-type doesn’t meet the requirements for your strain, or vegetable’s survival, your plant will die. To avoid the constant death of your vegetables, flowers, and strains, we have devised a suitable product with a powerful formula for ensuring a stable growing environment (soil), and proper plant growth.

This product is known as ExoSilica™. ExoSilica™ is a product designed for helping cannabis, flowers, vegetables, and rice growers in ensuring the soil is adequate enough for plant growth and development. With ExoSilica™, you are assured of the best results within a specified time of usage. This product introduces a stable amount of Potassium silicate at the growing stage of the strain or vegetable.

The above compound will help your strain create a natural defense for its cell walls. Your plants will also develop stronger, thicker stalks, larger, and rougher foliage. Plants like cannabis, spinach, and others, will become more resistant to heat, stress, shock, and pathogens. One great feature of using this product is that it is all-natural! Here are some benefits of using ExoSilica™.

Benefits of Using ExoSilica™ on your Plants

  • All Natural Contents.

If you completely read the production summary of ExoSilica™, you would notice that it has been developed from all the nutrients the plants need. All these have been provided in adequate proportion.

  • No side-effect.

This product has no side-effect on your surrounding plants, animals, humans, or even itself.

  • Great for Cannabis, and other related Products.

When you use ExoSilica™ on Cannabis-related products, you ensure the production of strains with thicker stalks, larger and rougher foliage.

  • Very-Effective on all Plants.

Another amazing benefit of using ExoSilica™ is the fact that it works on all plants.

  • Improves the Plant’s Cell Defences.

During tough weather and soil conditions, your plant needs to shield itself from dangerous hazards by improving its cell walls.

Directions for Usage

Apply 2 mL per Liter of water from the second week of vegetative growth. However, for optimal use, add a full concentration of ExoSilica™, and a recommended concentration of Quantum Bloom A & B. Ensure you check EC & PPM to maintain safer concentration levels.