Root Bound
Power Up for Explosive Roots Growth

Root Bound
Power Up for Explosive Roots Growth

by in Our Products, Root Stimulamt, Supplements & Additives August 12, 2021

Have you ever wondered why your plants couldn’t produce much fruit? Have you considered different options for improving productivity but to no avail? Ever thought of increasing your strain’s productivity? Have you ever wanted bigger and more absorbent roots for each of your plants? Well! If you answered yes! To all these questions, then you certainly need Root Bounds’ effective explosive root formula!

Plants are built somewhat similar to humans. Why? Well, some of our physical properties are present in plants too. They excrete, we do too; they breathe, we do too; they eat, we do too. There are many other characteristics we share with plants. You might ask how the above functions are about this content; the answer revolves around how plants absorb water.

That said, there are many times when we expect our flowers, vegetables, or strains to produce fruits within a specified time effectively. Sometimes, the reason for the low productivity in your flower or strains is due to poor water and nutrient absorption. The segment of water and soil-nutrient absorption is one of the main features or jobs of the plant’s roots. Hence, without the roots, the plant is close to being incapable.

Now here’s where Root Bound™ comes in. Root Bound™  is a power-packed product with a formula containing the necessary nutrients needed for explosive root growth. With Root Bound™, your plants are assured of more soil and water nutrient absorption power. In simpler words, its formula boosts your vegetable, flower, and strain’s ability to produce more absorbent roots, hence, increases its nutrient absorption power.

This feature is excellent because your strains can now produce better yield, and also add this feature to its genetic code. When this new trait is added to its genetic code, you won’t have to worry about low yields anymore. Your strains also tend to taste better when they absorb more nutrients. As mentioned earlier, Root bound™  is composed of several nutrients that ensure proper plant root development and an increased absorption rate.

These nutrients include potassium nitrate, monopotassium phosphate, magnesium nitrate, and Calcium nitrate. Without wasting much time, let’s discuss some of the benefits of using Root Bound’s root power-up on your strains and flower.

Benefits of using Root Bound™ on your Plants

  • Effective on Strains, Flowers, and Vegetables.

Root Bound™  works perfectly on strains, e.g., cannabis, flowers, and vegetables. Hence, it is great to use anytime and anywhere.

  • Simple to Use.

Once you follow the directions labeled on the product’s packaging, you will notice that it is straightforward to use.

  • Contains the requirement for root growth in adequate proportions.

With Root Bound™, your plants are assured of the requirements for plant’s root growth and better absorption rate.

  • It is non-toxic to humans.
  • It has no side-effects on Plants.

Directions for Using Root Bound™

Apply 1-2 mL per Liter of Water for cutting and seedlings. Apply 2 mL per Liter of water within your strain, or flower’s vegetative growth, until the second week of its flowering cycle. For optimal results, apply a full concentration of Root Bound™ with a recommended concentration of Quantum Bloom Part A & B. This should be done during your plant’s vegetative growth and flowering cycle; however, check the EC & PPM to ensure safe concentration levels.