Bud Golem
Harder & Denser Flowers Every Time

Bud Golem
Harder & Denser Flowers Every Time

by in Bud Hardener, Our Products, Supplements & Additives August 12, 2021

Sometimes, it can be challenging for your strains to grow flowers resistant to strong winds. However, with the aid of Bud Golem™, you can have harder and denser flowers on each of your strains. Bud Golem™ is a power-packed mixture containing the necessary nutrients for your strains, vegetables, and flower development. 

Getting your plants to produce harder and denser flowers can be hectic. For plants like cannabis, Wasabi, Melons, and cauliflowers, having a denser and harder flower is crucial. However, growing dense and hard flowers is not as easy as it comes because it requires constant care from the grower. Hence, the grower needs to apply nutrients capable of boosting his/her flowers and improving their density and hardness.

One of the requirements for growing flowers that are harder and denser includes growing them in the right environment, the right soil, and other excellent conditions. The grower should provide all these conditions if he/she plans on achieving their goal. However, these requirements cannot be adequately met; the farmer doesn’t employ external nutrient boosters and formulas. Now that is where Bud Golem™ comes in.

Bud Golem™ is a powerful formula designed for flower density and hardness. It contains nutrients capable of helping strains, vegetables, or stints produce rigid and denser flowers without affecting their natural development. This power-packed product consists of Potassium nitrate, Magnesium Phosphate, and Magnesium Nitrate. Cannabis, for instance, requires larger concentrations of nitrogen during its vegetative stage. Nitrogen is useful in increasing and maximizing the growth of bud production.

After that, Potassium is required for the flowering stage to enhance bud production further. However, maintaining the pH of the plant is crucial in ensuring that nutrients are effectively absorbed. In summary, Bud Golem™ has all the features and nutrients required for flower hardness and density. Let’s see some of the benefits of using this product formula.

Benefits of using Bud Golem™ on your Plants

  • Simple to use

When the product pack of Bud Golem™ is delivered to you, you will find that the product is straightforward to use. We have described one of the processes in the segment below.

  • Harder and Denser Flowers

The central promise and benefit you’d get from using this product is a more rigid and denser flower. This characteristic is essential in plants like cannabis and melon; hence, Bud Golem™ is very important.

  • No side effect Plants

Bud Golem™ has no side effects on strains at all. It has been prepared with the necessary nutrients in their accurate proportion.

  • Great for growing stints

It meets the requirements for growing stints and making their flowers denser and more challenging.

  • No side effect on Humans

Aside from not having any side-effect on plants, Bud Golem™ has no side-effect on Humans. It doesn’t cause irritations or activate your allergies.

Directions on how to use Bud Golem™

Apply 2 mL per Litre of water starting from the last two weeks before harvest, allow at least one week of flushing after using Bud Golem™. However, for optimal results, apply a full concentration of Bud Golem™ combined with a lower concentration of Quantum Bloom Part A & B. it is also vital that you check EC & PPM to ensure a safe concentration level.