Sugar Rush
Extreme Flower & Microbe Development

Sugar Rush
Extreme Flower & Microbe Development

by in Complex Carbohydrates, Our Products August 12, 2021

Flowers are an essential part of a plant. If you plan on growing vegetables or strains like cannabis and hemp, you should already know their importance. With Sugar Rush™, your strains, and vegetables are provided with the necessary nutrients for improved growth and flower development. You can always count on Sugar Rush™ for the best results. 

Plants are very much similar to humans. If you consider some of their needs, including sunlight, water, and air, you will notice that their needs are somewhat similar to ours. These needs are vital in the development of plant flowers, stems, roots, and fruits. Aside from the root of a plant, which is responsible for absorbing nutrients located in the ground, flowers also help to absorb sunlight and feed in plants. 

However, there is a striking difference between plants and humans. When plants “eat,” they observe a process called “photosynthesis.” Photosynthesis is a process through which plants develop their food in the absence of sunlight, carbon dioxide, and water. For a plant to observe photosynthesis, it needs flowers, and for the production of flowers, it requires enough stamina and energy.

So! The solution to producing flowers and also increasing the stamina and energy required for photosynthesis is the introduction of carbohydrates to the plant. This method has proven to be an easier way of producing flower buds in plants effectively. Introducing complex sugar can help in photosynthesis, resulting in hyperactive flower development, resins production, enhanced aroma, potency, and other beneficial features.

When you’re growing strains like cannabis, you will notice that photosynthesis is a critical process for the plant. Hence, improving its carbohydrate intake would result in better growth for flowers and stamina for photosynthesis. Considering these factors, won’t it be wise to use a power-packed formula for extreme flower and microbe development like Sugar Rush™?

Let’s see the benefits of using Sugar Rush™ on your strains, flowers, and vegetables.

Benefits of Using Sugar Rush™ on your Plants

Here are five (5) benefits of using Sugar Rush™ on your plants.

  • Improved Soil Function.

Sugar Rush™ provides the necessary nutrients to improve the soil and its capacity to facilitate photosynthesis in plants.

  • Simple to Use.

If you compare Sugar Rush™ with other products of the same nature, you will notice that it is much easier to use and simple to understand.

  • Microbe development.

Microbes are vital in the development of soil nutrients. Sugar Rush™ provides the appropriate carbohydrate contents needed for these microbes to expand.

  • Very Effective on All Plants.

Sugar Rush™ is effective on Strains, Cannabis, or Hemp, and lots more. It is not limited to a single usage.

  • Better flower development.

Sugar Rush™ provides the energy and stamina needed for better flower development. With Sugar Rush™, your Strains can grow bigger and better flowers.

Directions for Using Sugar Rush™

Apply 2 mL per Litre of water throughout its flowering cycle, until the last two (2) weeks before harvest. However, you can apply it in full concentration with a recommended concentration of Quantum Bloom Part A & B