Atomic Bloom
Mega Booster for Bigger & Fuller Flowers

Atomic Bloom
Mega Booster for Bigger & Fuller Flowers

by in Bloom Stimulant, Our Products, Supplements & Additives August 12, 2021

During certain weather conditions and seasons, some plants may experience low growth and productivity. Aside from the weather, there are also other factors affecting a plant’s growth during its life cycle. Atomic Bloom™ is a growth-based product with a complete formula for developing your strains and boosting flower production. With Atomic Bloom™, your strains, vegetables, and flowers will experience better and more productive development.

Many factors are affecting the growth of plants and their flowers. Most of these factors are visible during harsh weather and certain seasons, such as the autumn season and others with extreme sunshine or rainfall. The flowers of a plant are significant because they help the plant absorb enough sunshine needed for plant maturity and continuous growth. The flowers are also responsible for absorbing and positioning the sunlight directed towards your stints or vegetables. 

It is tough to find a plant that lacks flowers; even stints and other vegetables have flowers. This fact should inform you about the level of importance that a flower has. With Atomic Bloom™, you don’t need to worry too much about buds in flowering plants. Atomic Bloom™ is a mega booster that helps your strains grow bigger and produce larger flowers. With Atomic Bloom™, you are assured of optimum effects within the stipulated time.

The Atomic Bloom mega booster pack is a plant growth-based product designed with soluble potash, potassium sulfate, phosphate, and other essential acids. It contains a unique mixture of nutritional elements and compounds known for adding value to plants flower development and growth. Atomic Bloom™ ensures that all genetic limitations of your strains are broken when the natural bulking and budding process of your flowers are intensified with heavy amino intakes.

You are assured of the best results when using Atomic Bloom™ on your strains, vegetables, and flowers. Here are some of the benefits of using Atomic Bloom™ on your plants.

Benefits of using Atomic Bloom™ on your Plants

For your strains to produce flowers efficiently, it would be a great decision to use Atomic Bloom™ on them. Here are five benefits of using Atomic Bloom Mega Booster on your plant’s flowers.

  1. Effective on all plants

When you use the Atomic Bloom mega booster on the different plants in your garden, you should be ready to get the best effects. The Atomic Bloom™ is effective on all plants and ensures a boosted flower development and plant growth.

2. Easy to use

The Atomic Bloom mega booster for fuller flowers was designed for users without any technical knowledge. Follow all instructions, and you’re set!

3. Perfect for even stints

This product is power-packed flower boosting formula with its effect efficiency in all plants, including strains.

4. No side-effects

You can rest assured that this product will not irritate your skin or harm your plants.

5. Environmental Friendliness

Directions of Usage

Apply about 2 mL per Liter of water from the second (2nd) week of your plant’s flowering cycle till two (2) weeks before harvest. However, for optimal use, apply the Atomic Bloom™ in combination with the Quantum Bloom A & B during the flowering cycle. Ensure you check for EC & PPM to maintain safe concentration levels.