Quantum Bloom A & B
Complete Formula for Ultimate Flower Power

Quantum Bloom A & B
Complete Formula for Ultimate Flower Power

by in Base Nutrients, Bloom, Our Products August 12, 2021

With Quantum Bloom, your strains can now bud beautiful flowers while yielding more fruit. When you use Quantum Bloom A & B, you are assured of the best results within the stipulated time frame. No more crying over low productivity and dead plants. You can now enjoy the benefits of your farm.

There are times when your strains and their harvest do not meet up to expectations. During these times, farmers opt for different solutions to combat these problems affecting their plants. Most of the solutions revolve around getting harvest-boosting serums, changing soil, and even breeding new varieties of crops.

However, the solution you think might work could just be killing your strains. Some of these supposed solutions affect the growth of the strains rather than complementing them. To avoid these damages, we advise that you seek a complete formula that complements the growth of your food crop.

An example of such powerful products is Quantum Bloom™. Quantum Bloom™ is a complete formula for helping your strains, vegetables, and flowers bud quickly and yield an excellent harvest. The flowers of your plants are critical in their production cycle. The flowers help collect oxygen, carbon dioxide, and other nutrients needed for the plant to grow.

Although most strains lack flower buds, the majority of the rest having flowers rely on them and their roots for development and nutritional benefits. In simpler words, having budded flowers on your strains guarantees a bountiful harvest during harvesting season. Hence, Quantum Bloom™ can help your strains produce quality harvest by boosting their flower development. Here some benefits of using this fantastic product on your plants.

Benefits of using Quantum Bloom A & B

There are many benefits attached to using these nifty products. However, we will be focusing on the most required and the best. Let us check them out.

  • It is simple to use

Unlike other products that required professional assistance or usage, Quantum Bloom™ doesn’t require any form of professionalism in use. All that is required of you is to follow the guidelines and avoid spilling the contents on your body’s vulnerable parts.

  • Long-lasting effects on plants

There are many products for plant development that do not meet requirements. Some promise long-lasting effects on plants but do not implement these factors on the specified plants. However, with Quantum Bloom™, you are guaranteed long-lasting effects on each of your strains, vegetables, and flowers, even to the third generation. Your plants will even be capable of generating resistive and better breeds.

  • No side effects

Unlike other plant nutrition products, Quantum Bloom™ has no side effects on your strains, vegetables, and flowers. Some other products might cause deformities in your plants, while others might cause more harm even when precautions are taken seriously. However, when you use Quantum Bloom™, you are assured of the best results with no side effects.

  • Flowers Bloom is Large but Moderate

When you use Quantum Bloom™, your flowers bloom together without rushing. It provides your plants with the necessary nutrients to produce large flowers at the required time.

Directions for Usage

Apply 4mL per Litre of water throughout your plant’s flowering cycle. For optimal use, you can also apply 2 – 4 mL per Litre of Quantum Bloom A & B. However, check EC and PPM first to maintain safety.