Over Frost
Amplify Resin and Trike Formations

Over Frost
Amplify Resin and Trike Formations

by in Our Products, Terpene Booster August 12, 2021

There are many nutrients required for adequate plant growth and development, including Resins and Terpene. However, when these nutrients are in short supply to plants, they cause severe deficiencies in your strains, vegetables, or flowers. With Over Frost™, you can reduce the issues caused by nutrient deficiencies and also improve plant growth.

When you consider how efficient your plants are in terms of producing fruits in large quantity, you would understand that it needs all the necessary nutrients for growth. Your strains, vegetables, and flowers need some specific conditions for better growth and fruit development. These conditions include great soil type (rich in nutrients), water, sunlight, oxygen, and carbon dioxide.

However, due to certain factors, your plant might not have the exact growth you expected. Soil can be affected by deforestation, bush burning, and other factors that can reduce the soil nutrient content. You might wonder, these factors shouldn’t affect my plant, especially when I’m growing plants like cannabis indoors.

When the soil lacks enough water and sunlight, it starts losing its nutrients gradually. The soil becomes dryer and unsuitable for the growth of plants. Such further results in the development of various deficiencies in plants. One of these deficiencies includes the reduced level of resins and its development. Others include insufficient flower production resulting in withering and yellowing of the plant.

Resins are responsible for covering up injuries on plants. When a tree or shrub gets a cut, it secretes resins as an antibody to cover up the injured area. So! To avoid water loss and a decrease in resin development and other soil nutrients, Over Frost™ is here to help. Over Frost™ is a power-packed plant nutrition formula that aids in amplifying resins and trike formation.

Over Frost™ contains Calcium Nitrate, Potassium Nitrates, Magnesium Phosphate, and other compounds needed for amplifying resin development in plants. With Over Frost™, the effect of deficiencies in your plants can be overcome by introducing compounds capable of resolving damages to plants. Here are some of the benefits of using Over Frost™ on your plants.

Benefits of Using Over Frost™

  • Improves Plant’s Defences.

One great feature that Over Frost™ improves in your plant is enhancing your plant’s defenses. It also increases the possibility of producing resins for quickly healing your plants.

  • Simple to Use.

Unlike other Hormone Boosting products, Over Frost™ contains specific compounds in the right proportion. It is also simple to use and requires a particular specialization.

  • Very Effective on Strains.

As mentioned earlier, Over Frost™ contains compounds needed for hormone formation and plant growth in the required composition. Hence, it is beneficial for Strains.

  • No side effects.

You might wonder if the compounds used in the production of this product have side-effects on your strains, vegetables, and humans. Well, it doesn’t. It is safe for use.

  • Improves Soil Nutrients.

One of the primary purposes of using Over Frost™ is to improve soil nutrients. When soil nutrients are improved, Resin and Trike formation will also be improved as well.

Directions for Usage

Apply 2 mL per Litre of water during the weeks of your plant’s flowering cycle. This should continue till the last two weeks before harvest. For optimal results, apply a full concentration of Over Frost™ with a recommended concentration of Quantum Bloom A & B. Also, ensure to check EC & PPM to maintain safe concentration levels.