B1 Vitamin for Explosive Growth

B1 Vitamin for Explosive Growth

by in B1 Vitamin, Our Products, Supplements & Additives August 11, 2021

Do you experience stunted growth on your plants, which includes; flowers, vegetables, or strains. Do your plants have low resistance to adverse growing conditions? Do you provide what seems to be the adequate nutrients for plant growth, yet the problems persist? Vigorous™ is just the solution for you!

There are times when your strains, flowers, and vegetables are provided with the adequate nutrients they require for exceptional growth, but in return, the reverse seems to be the case, the plants fail to grow well, and often die off due to environmental stress or harsh weather conditions.

The reason behind this could be traced to inefficient uptake of important nutrients; which is also caused by improper root development, low plant metabolism, poor root development, environmental stress, and harsh growing conditions. Lack of vitamins has also been found to be a root cause of these problems.

Healthy plants should be resistant to stress from the environment as well as harsh growing conditions, and that’s why Vigorous™ which contains B1 Vitamins MUST be introduced to provide all these needs.

B1 Vitamins assist plants with various functions throughout all stages of growth including efficient uptake of important nutrients, increase plant metabolism, accelerate growth, promote root development and build resistance to environmental stress and harsh growing conditions.

Vigorous™ will provide essential vitamins that your strains, vegetables, and flowers need to perform efficient distribution of nutrients throughout the plant while maintaining stable and exceptional growth momentum.

Benefits of using Vigorous

The benefits of using Vigorous™ are numerous and can not be overemphasized, However, listed below are three (3) out of them.

  • Explosive Plant Growth

Vigorous™ is packed with nutrients designed for boosting strains and flower growth. Its formula consists of essential vitamins (Vitamin B1 included) which help in developing your plants and fortifying their system.

  • Greater Yields.

When you use Vigorous™  on your strains, flowers, and vegetables. It develops its root’s connection systems, allowing it to absorb nutrients and water easily. When your plants get enough nutrients, you tend to experience bountiful harvests and bigger crops.

  •  Provision of vitamin B1

Vitamin B1 is well known as the panacea for plant resistance to environmental conditions and healthy transplanting. This also stimulates new root growth creating room for more absorption of nutrients.


Apply 2 mL per Litre of water for all other weeks of vegetative growth and all of the flowering cycle.

FOR OPTIMAL RESULTS: Apply in full concentration of Vigorous™ (2 mL per Litre) combined with concentration (4 mL per Litre) of Quantum™ Part A & Quantum™ Part B together for both vegetative growth and flowering cycle. Be sure to check EC & PPM to maintain a safe concentration level.